Fleur de Lis Tea Rooms Christchurch

Join us at Fleur de Lys Tea Room on Thursday 9 December: 

This evening’s special event will be held at Fleur de Lys, off The High Street, commencing 6.15pm.

The performance is free but we would love it if you could consider a donation for tonight’s chosen local charity.


Tonight’s performance: watch this space!

Come along to watch the surprise performer/s.

We’ll have some information and links about the performers on this page on the day after the event.

Tonight’s charity – all funds raised go to:

Dorset Children’s Foundation

The Dorset Children’s Foundation is an independent local charity dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children living within our community. We provide mobility equipment, therapies and medical expenses not provided by The NHS. 100% of all donations go to a disabled child, with nothing taken out for admin or wages.

Dorset Children’s Foundation website

Thanks to the venue:

Fleur de Lys Tea Rooms 


Refreshments by:

MAW Coffee & Brunch

An independent family run brunch destination.

We are the perfect backdrop for your daytime coffee or evening cocktail. Indulge downstairs with our all-day brunch menu, or enjoy a drink upstairs in MAW’s luxury lounge.


Thanks to our sponsor for tonight’s event:

Lifestory Group


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