Christchurch BandStand

Join us at The Bandstand on the Quay: 

This evening’s special event on Sunday 19 December will be held at the Bandstand on Christchurch Quay, commencing 6.15pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us. The performance is free, but we’d love if you could make a donation to tonight’s chosen charity.


Tonight’s performance: watch this space!

Come along to watch the surprise performer/s.

We’ll have some information and links about the performers on this page on the day after the event.

Tonight’s charity – all funds raised go to:

Christchurch Town Scouts

Christchurch Town Scouts: helping to provide young people develop and improve key life skills. Character skills like resilience, independence and tenacity. Employability skills like leadership, Teamwork and problem solving. Practical skills like cooking, first aid and coding.

Thanks to our sponsor for tonight’s event:

Christchurch Charitable Trust

The Christchurch Charitable Trust is a local, independent, registered charity who are able to provide financial support by way of grants to organisations and projects which benefit the community in the Christchurch area.

We invite applications for funds from not-for-profit groups and organisations including registered charities, community interest groups, service organisations, volunteer groups, youth groups, local town and parish councils and the like.