Saxon Square

Join us at Saxon Square on Saturday 18 December: 

This evening’s special event will be held in Saxon Square, commencing 6.15pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us. The performance is free, but we’d love if you could consider making a donation to tonight’s chosen charity.


Tonight’s performance: watch this space!

Come along to watch the surprise performer/s.

We’ll have some information and links about the performers on this page on the day after the event.

Tonight’s charity – all funds raised go to:

Christchurch Community Partnership

The CCP exists to combat social isolation across the age demographic in our community of Christchurch. We do this in two ways – by directly delivering services, and by influencing other organisations and agencies to work collaboratively to identify and fill any gaps, and to avoid duplication of services.

Also including Christchurch Angels: We are an award-winning voluntary befriending service for residents in the Christchurch area who need short-term help in times of difficulty or crisis.

Thanks to the venue:

Saxon Square

Thanks to our sponsor for tonight’s event:

Christchurch Care

Christchurch Care is a family run specialist agency supporting care homes, national charities, supported living and other healthcare environments with temporary staff, often at very short notice.